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  • 5 Oct '21

Hi All,

Welcome to Mockat. This site hopes to serve as a one-stop solution for your MBA Prep. These are the major features of the site.

Prepzone: A comprehensive solution to your MBA test prep that contains the following

1) Learn: Text and Video lessons for each and every concept across all three sections of your MBA entrance tests. We start from the basics and take it all the way to advanced concepts. Lookout for the Quant concept videos which summarise lessons for a quick revision as well as the Class Discussion problems that are of enhanced difficulty. Verbal lessons cover a lot of examples. DILR lessons detail how to make use of the case details to adopt the most elegant structure to solve at ease.

2) Practice: 40 to 60 Practice Questions in each lesson segregated as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 in increasing order of difficulty. While learning the concepts is one thing, applying them is a different story. These questions have been crafted closest to the CAT difficulty level and cover most silly mistakes that a student is likely to make. Expect the twists and turns here.

3) Compete: Timed tests with comprehensive analysis for you to understand where you stand. We have provided a Report Mode and a Review Mode for you to analyse your tests.

4) Bookmark: We have provided a consolidated view of all questions Bookmarked by you at a single place in the top panel of Prepzone. Every question that you found to be challenging in Practice and Compete sections can be bookmarked for future reference. What's best is questions bookmarked across different tests are sorted lesson-wise for you.

5) Performance: Consolidated view of your accuracy across different lessons. This will help identify the lessons that you need to focus more on. This will also help you identify the lessons that you are strong in, so that you focus on these questions in your tests.

Infozone: You can find the latest Exam and B-School announcements here that is being updated in a best-efforts basis. You can also find Exam and College details here.

News: We've always been asked by students on where to read and which news items to focus on. Hence, the News section was created where 5 news items are curated each day from external news websites. This will help avoid last-minute panic if you have your interviews lined up and are weak in Current Affairs. This would also help improve your Vocabulary and Reading skills.

Forums: Simple and easy-to-use forums for you to discuss everything about B-Schools, Exams and Prep. You can also upload images of doubts (upto 100 kb) and get them answered. The Hangout section of the forums is where you discuss anything other than MBA.

Welcome to Mockat once again.

Vignesh & Sanjana
Founders of Mockat.com

mockadmin  (2)
  • 5 Oct '21

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  • 20 Oct '21

Sir I gave one mock but video solution is still buffering no idea what is the issue with my account. I tried in different systems the issue is still there. can you please help

Niranjan S  (1)
  • 22 Oct '21

Hi Harsh, this is a technical issue which we are working to resolve. In the meantime, you can watch the solutions using the Report view and it should work.

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