I am planning to quit job for CAT 2022 preparation is this Ideal?

Pooja S  (5)
  • 16 Apr

Hi! Nithesh,

We are glad to know that you are taking our quiz of the day regularly.
If you are planning to join a top B-school and you are extremely confident that with the right preparation you will be able crack the exam then you can quit for preparation.
Ideally we won't suggest you to quit your job, as your months of work experience adds points to during your selection process.
Since you already have work experience we would recommend that you use this to your advantage.
Hope this helps.

  • 15 Apr

I am a working professional and I am planning to quit my job the following month and start dedicated preparation for CAT 2022, currently I am practicing all the QOTD posted on the website but I feel it is not sufficient to score high marks.
Could you please let me know if this is an Ideal thing to do?

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