Is NMAT easier than CAT?

  • 20 Apr

@DevDuppala said:
Thank you! Can you share the NMAT format also? Why do we have to solve each question?

Sure Devandra. As of now, the NMAT is for 120 minutes and carries 108 questions. There are 3 sections - Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. Each section has 36 questions, but the timing is available at

You can choose the order of the sections before you start the exam (we recommend sticking to the CAT format).

NMAT is a bit different from other Indian MBA tests - it is similar to GMAT. Here, you have to answer each question, and you can move to the next question only after choosing a response for the present question. Once you submit the answer, you cannot go back and change your answer.

Every person will get different questions based on tier accuracy. If you get a few questions right, you start getting tougher questions (with higher marks) and vice versa. You can score up to 360 marks for 108 questions. But as you have to answer every question, there is no negative marking for errors. You will only be penalised if you do not finish a section.

You can check additional details about the exam, institutes and pattern at

All the best!

Arun Kumar  (12)
  • 20 Apr

@Karni Singh Chauhan said:
What are the scores required in NMAT? Do we get a percentile?

Hi Karni Singh Chauhan, NMIMS institutes and other B-schools that accept NMAT shortlist people based on the NMAT scores. NMIMS cutoffs based on NMAT 2021 were

NMIMS Mumbai - 232
NMIMS Bangalore - 224
NMIMS Navi Mumbai - 224
NMIMS Hyderabad - 210

In addition, there are sectional cutoffs also. Eg, for NMIMS Mumbai, the sectional cutoffs were 76 for LS (Language Skills), 70 for QS (Quantitative Skills) and 71 for LR (Logical Reasoning).

  • 20 Apr

What are the scores required in NMAT? Do we get a percentile?

  • 20 Apr

Thank you! Can you share the NMAT format also? Why do we have to solve each question?

  • 19 Apr

Hi Vivek, NMAT is considered to be easier than CAT for the following reasons:

The questions in both Quant-DI and VARC are easier than CAT level
You can decide your own order of sections
There are no negative marks (as you need to solve each question in NMAT)
The competition is lower - the total number of NMAT applicants is expected to be anywhere from 50k-80k, whereas approx 2 lac people take CAT each year
You can retake NMAT twice (up to 3 tests). However, NMIMS institutes have stopped considering the best of 3, and are now only considering the first score.
You can choose your exam date and even take the exam from home.

We would suggest that you take both exams. If you are considering taking CAT 2022, and this will be your first time, you can schedule NMAT before CAT to get some experience. This way, CAT is not your first-ever exam and you’ll have some idea what to anticipate.

Once you sign up for NMAT, you will get a free mock by NMATbyGMAC (which administers the exam). You should definitely take it to get used to the format. You can also check out our mocks for more practice.

All the best!

  • 18 Apr

I have heard that NMAT is easier than CAT, is this true?

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