Mock CAT 14 Discussions

  • 10 Sep '22

Time and Speed, and mixtures and allegations type questions can also be solved quickly.

Sai Karthick  (50)
  • 9 Sep '22

Hey Ashwin also i felt that if we know the concepts of certain chapters like P&C, Geometry, we can actually solve those questions in lesser time than questions from other chapters. Is there any other topic also like that where we can solve questions in lesser time. Also, what will be percentile in actual CAT if am scoring about 50-60 marks in Mockcats.

Ashwin M  (14)
  • 9 Sep '22

Yes, Actually in CAT you can expect more number of questions from Arithmetic. Generally in CAT, 8 to 10 questions come from the Arithmetic chapter. So, if you have a strong base in Arithmetic, you have a good chance of getting a good percentile in the exam.

  • 9 Sep '22

There were 8 questions from Arithmetic in MockCAT 14, can I expect the same number of questions in the actual CAT exam.

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