Doubt on NMAT form filling

Ram Kumar  (3)
  • 10 Sep '22

Do we have to apply separately for NMIMS institute and NMAT exam ?

  • 12 Sep '22

Yes.. first you have to register for the NMAT exam and then you have to go to NMIMS website and fill the application form for NMIMS

Sai Karthick  (50)
  • 13 Sep '22

Also, guys is anyone decided when to give NMAT? like before CAT or after CAT? I am still confused...

Shameena M  (5)
  • 12 Sep '22

Hey I'm taking NMAT for the first time. Can you tell me whether there is separate application form for each of the NMIMS campuses or is there common application form for all the NIMIS campuses?

  • 21 Dec '22

I have given NMAT, so what’s the process for NMIMS?

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