Should I work for a few years before pursuing MBA?

S Karim  (2)
  • 10 Mar '22

I just graduated from my college. should i work for few years before joining MBA?

Sai Karthick  (50)
  • 11 Mar '22

Hey Karim, having work experience is not mandatory. The selection criteria for most B-schools includes work experience (typically within 12-36 months), but the weightage is usually upto 5%.
It will also help you in the interview as you'll have more stuff to talk about.

But every year there are a lot of freshers getting into top b-schools. It is also difficult sometimes to balance work and studying.

The weightage of the CAT score (or other exam score) is typically the highest. So make sure to get the best score in CAT and other entrance tests. All the best!

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