Is NMAT easier than CAT?

  • 17 Feb

The NMAT (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Management Aptitude Test) and the CAT (Common Admission Test) are both popular MBA entrance exams in India, but it is difficult to say whether one is easier than the other.

The difficulty level of both exams is subjective and depends on the individual's preparation, aptitude, and test-taking skills. However, it is worth noting that the exam pattern and the types of questions in NMAT and CAT are different.

NMAT consists of three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. The exam has a total of 120 questions, and the time duration is 120 minutes. The questions in NMAT are generally considered to be moderate in terms of difficulty level, and the test focuses on testing the candidate's speed and accuracy.

On the other hand, CAT has three sections: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. The exam has a total of 100 questions, and the time duration is 180 minutes. The questions in CAT are generally considered to be of a higher difficulty level, and the test focuses on testing the candidate's analytical and problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say whether NMAT is easier than CAT or vice versa as both exams have their unique features, and the difficulty level varies for each individual. Candidates are advised to assess their strengths and weaknesses and choose the exam that suits them best. Additionally, candidates should prepare thoroughly and practice extensively to improve their chances of success.
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Sai Karthick  (50)
  • 28 Aug '22

Hey Sharmila, since NMAT is on a relatively bit easier side than CAT, you can try to take NMAT before CAT as it will give you a confidence if your scores were good. You can give CAT without any pressure then. However it is your choice to take tests in the order you wish depending upon your prep. Hope it answers your question. All the best

Sharmila  (4)
  • 27 Aug '22

Should I give NMAT before the CAT or after the CAT? What would you suggest?

Sai Karthick  (50)
  • 14 Mar '22

Hey Akshay, NMAT is typically considered to be easier than CAT. It is similar to the GMAT format, where every question is compulsory. There is no negative marking, but the marks for each question depend on the difficulty level and there are penalties for not completing the paper.

So, NMAT is based more on speed rather than logic (though logic is being tested, it will not be as tough as CAT). The number of students taking NMAT is also lower, and you can select your own date of taking the exam. You can also choose to take the exam at home instead of at a centre.

NMAT has 3 sections - Language Skills, Quantitative Skills (including Quant and DI) and Logical Reasoning (includes Verbal LR and Quant LR).

We do recommend that you take CAT and XAT as well, as the number of institutes accepting the NMAT scores are a lot lower (NMIMS institutes, KJ Somaiya, IFMR, SDA Bocconi are some of the key institutes).

  • 14 Mar '22

I am planning to take NMAT this year. is it easier than CAT?

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