I don’t remember the concepts and formulae after some time, what can I do?

  • 16 Mar '22

Hey Priyanka, you don't need to panic, not only you everyone forgets what they learn in some span of time. To remember the concepts and formulae you learn, you have to be periodically revising them. This is exactly why we have shorter Concept Revision videos at Mockat, you can access these shorter videos regularly.

While memorizing formulae, you have to understand the way the formula is derived and how it works, which might take some effort, but will be very fruitful in the longer run.

Solving questions is another way to automatically remember the concepts and formulae. You can try the Practice questions in the Prepzone and Daily QOTD for this

Priyanka B  (2)
  • 16 Mar '22

Hi, I studied a few topics of quant last week and also watched the concept videos, and memorized all related formulae. But now I don't remember any of which I learned. Someone please help, I am very much worried

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