How could i improve my accuracy in Quant?

Arun Kumar  (12)
  • 31 Mar

Hi Yaashika, you can find it in the Percentages chapter under Arithmetic 1 in Prep Zone at

Hope this answered your question, all the best for your preparations!

  • 31 Mar

Where could I find percentage to fraction conversion in the site?

  • 26 Mar

Hi Ilakkiya, you can start with Arithmetic and Algebra, which are a major chunk of questions in CAT. First learn those concepts and practice more questions in that. You can also try the Free Quiz of the Day in for more practice.

You will get some lessons and practice questions free, and you can also reach out to us at 9600121800 for 1 week free trial if you want to subscribe.

You can also memorise tables, squares, higher powers and fractions. This would help you to solve questions quickly. After completing a mock, analyse that mock and note down the errors you have made and try to rectify those errors in the upcoming mocks.

Hope these tips would help you overcome the hurdles you face in quant. Good luck and all the best for your preparations.

Ilakkiya J  (2)
  • 25 Mar

Of all the three sections in CAT, my quant accuracy is very low. What should i do to increase my accuracy in quant and to reduce the time taken to solve a question?

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