What is the difference between Much and Many?

Juddah M  (1)
  • 1 Apr

Can someone explain when to use many and much in a sentence ?

Mark Sheldon  (14)
  • 8 Apr

Many is used to describe countable nouns, i.e, nouns that can be pointed out and be counted. For example, many shoes, many ships. The immediate question that arises after this would be, How are stars countable? We refer to stars as many stars. The answer is that although stars are not finite, we can still count stars by pointing out them.

Example sentence: How many cars can this parking lot accommodate?

Much is used to describe uncountable nouns, i.e, nouns that cannot be singled out or counted as separate entities. For example, much rice, much juice, much water. These nouns are considered single entities and can only be defined by their quantitative value.

Example sentence: How much water does this process require?

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