What kind of preparation does CMAT need?

Arun Kumar  (12)
  • 9 Apr

Hi Nithya, based on the previous year's data you should score 80 - 90th percentile in CMAT for BIMTECH. Check out CMAT in Info Zone under exams to get an idea about the percentile required for various CMAT accepting colleges, here is the link for the same. Hope this answered your question, all the best!


Nithya V  (4)
  • 9 Apr

What is the percentile required in CMAT for BIMTECH?

Mark Sheldon  (14)
  • 4 Apr

Hi Michael, CMAT is one of the major MBA entrance exams that can help you get into various Indian B-schools. With respect to CAT's syllabus, CMAT has two extra sections which are General Knowledge (GK) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Although CMAT's syllabus is more or less similar to CAT's, the syllabus has gone through a few changes year after year. But based on previous year's papers, we have drawn some data and posted it on our website. You can check out the details or info regarding CMAT's syllabus at https://mockat.com/infozone/exam/cmat/#syllabus


You can also take the free mock at https://mockat.com/prepzone/#compete

Hope this answered your question. All the best for your exam!!

  • 4 Apr

This is my first time taking CMAT, just wanted to know if I need to prepare something extra or new than that of CAT syllabus. Also CMAT syllabus changes with different websites.

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