I am not able to solve DILR cases in MockCAT 1

Arun Kumar  (12)
  • 4 Apr

Hi Yaashika! Since this is your first mock, you might have been nervous or spent more time on a case. The more you solve, the easier it will become for you. In addition, you can try the following tips:

Before starting to attempt questions, take a few minutes to go through the cases and try to pick the easiest/quickest one. If you are not able to solve a case in a reasonable amount of time, say 5-10 minutes, you should move on to the next case.

After the mock, spend more time analyzing it. Track the order and time in which you have attempted the cases and try to figure out a better way in which you should have attempted. Try to practice more cases from past papers to get an idea of the types of cases and questions.

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Hope this answered your question, all the best for your preparations!

  • 4 Apr

While taking MockCAT 1 I was not able to solve even a single case. But while solving after the mock I was able to solve 2 cases. I could not figure out the mistake. Could anyone help me with this?

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