I am not able to concentrate while reading an RC

  • 4 Apr '22

Hey Pandey, losing concentration while reading and getting lost is a common issue which people without the habit of reading face. You can overcome this with consistent effort and reading practice. You can start reading daily news articles from( https://www.mockat.com/news/) where curated news articles are posted every day. You can also subscribe to the Mockat telegram channel by clicking (https://t.me/crackcatwithiimlgrads) where a reading article is posted every day along with the author's POV. While reading when you feel like losing concentration somewhere, don't proceed further, stop and start reading again from the part where you lost your focus, this will enable you to improve your concentration in the longer run. To find the relevant part of an RC to answer a question try skimming the passage, this will help you identify the required part easily and this too needs practice. So all you have to do is read.

Pandey jha  (2)
  • 4 Apr '22

I am slow at reading, and while solving an RC I am losing concentration and getting lost, also I am not able to find the relevant part of the RC to answer a particular question. Someone please give me tips to overcome this difficulty.

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