What should i read to improve my speed to solve an RC?

Gautham V  (4)
  • 4 Apr

I'm taking more than 15 minutes to solve an RC. So what should i read and from where should i read to improve my speed in solving an RC?

  • 4 Apr

Hi Gautham, this is one of the common issues that the majority of students face. You can subscribe to our telegram channel (https://t.me/crackcatwithiimlgrads) where we post an article each day. You can track your speed and also read more articles from these websites.
We also post the Summary or the Author's Point of View at the end of each day - you can create your own PoV and then match it with the one which we share to clarify your understanding. Solving the RCs in our free Quiz of the Day should also help you

You can also read the news articles curated daily at https://mockat.com/news/ - this will increase your speed and help you with current affairs, useful for WAT, interview and the GK section in XAT, IIFT, etc.

Hope this would help you to increase your speed in solving an RC. In the premium classes, we discuss more solutions, but these would also get your speed higher.

Good luck and all the best for your preparations.

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