How to make sure i wont forget any quant concepts?

Sai Karthick  (20)
  • 5 Apr

Hi Shamli, Quant is the section where you will have to be very clear with the basics of all the concepts. With regular revision and practice, you can retain all the concepts. After every lesson is complete, you can practice the Practice questions so that you apply the concepts.

Make sure you revise all the lessons and formulae till you are very clear with them. To make this process easy, we have separate modules for concept revision, where every concept is briefly covered under the modules for concept revision at

This will be your concept checklist, so make sure you understand every one of them completely. Keep watching these short videos at regular intervals, until you're confident with every concept. Also, as a premium student, please do ask all the doubts in the class as usual.

Hope this answers your question. Good luck with your preparation.

  • 5 Apr

I am a bit weak in quant. There seem to be a lot of concepts in quant. how do I make sure I remember all of them?

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