I am preparing for CAT 2022 how many Mocks and Sectional should I take to perform well.

  • 5 Apr


Could you please let me know how many mocks and sectional I need to take to score good marks.

Ashwin Vijay  (12)
  • 6 Apr

Hi! Devandra,

Thank you for reaching out to us. It depends on where you stand - your knowledge, your speed, and the percentiles that you are scoring. You can start by taking the free mock at Mockat.com and use that to check your current percentile.

You should take anywhere between 10-20 mocks, depending on your current progress and time. You should also solve sectionals.

At the same time, it is not the quantity of mocks that matters but the quality of analysis that helps you. You can analyze the amount of time spent on each question, question selection, approach on solving the problem and analyze the errors made. This way, you are improving your performance with each test.

At Mockat, students use our Test Analytics Dashboard to improve the test taking strategy. We provide 25 CAT style mocks, 45 CAT-style sectionals and 30 OMETs (Other Management Entrance Tests). You can reach out to us at 9600121800 to know more.

Hope this helps :)

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