Is IIT Bombay better than New IIMs?

Arun Kumar  (12)
  • 5 Apr

Hi Sudhakar! We usually compare colleges based on various parameters like brand, faculty and coaching methodology, established year, alumni network, salary packages and return on investment.

Based on this comparison, IIT Bombay SJMSOM is better than many new IIMs. It has been established before many new IIMs and salary packages are also on the higher side. This is why the CAT percentile required to get through IIT Bombay SJMSOM is typically higher than most new IIMs.

You can also check out the fees and average packages of various top business schools in Info Zone -

Hope this answers your question! All the best for your prep!

S Sudhakar  (4)
  • 5 Apr

Is MBA in IIT Bombay better than New IIMs?

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