No time for Non RC questions

  • 7 Apr

Hey Paritosh, the VARC section of CAT demands accuracy more than the number of attempts. As you are able to solve 3 RCs of 4 questions each, you will score 36 marks if you get each question right, which gets you to the 99th percentile.

I would advise you to concentrate on the accuracy of RCs and the type of Non RC questions that you are able to solve quickly. You can also try out Mockat’s Enhance VARC or the Comprehensive Pack ( You can reach out to us for a free trial and more details.

Look to improve your Non RC question accuracy by practising. The summary questions can be answered quickly but they have negative marks. The other type of questions don’t have negative marks, but Jumbled Paragraphs are difficult to solve without options. You can practice by solving Non RC questions at and Quiz of the Day at

Paritosh M  (3)
  • 7 Apr

In the VARC section of CAT I have no time for solving the Non RC questions after completing the RCs. I am solving 3 RCs fully and only 1 or 2 Non RC questions. Someone please give me tips to manage my time more effectively and score more marks.

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