Is SCMHRD only good for HR?

Mark Sheldon  (14)
  • 12 Apr

Hey Esha, SCMHRD is definitely a great college to consider to pursue Management studies irrespective of what stream of management you want to pursue. They consist of various management streams such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource (HR), Operations, Strategy, and much more. They also have an average salary of 20 lakhs. Information about SCMHRD's fees, average salary, and exam(s) accepted is given here:

With that being said, the college does specialize in HR. The placements for HR are given first priority when compared to other streams of management but only by a small margin. The average package for HR is also a tad bit more than other streams. Thus there aren't any significant differences between the other streams and HR within the institute.

Choosing a different stream of management is not a waste of your time. SCMHRD is one of the youngest colleges to receive a lot of awards and accreditations. Doing MBA Marketing or Ops or any other stream apart from HR is definitely worth it.

But if you have time for another attempt, I'd suggest you take another shot and aim for colleges better than SCMHRD that have better pay and reputation in comparison to SCMHRD.

For more college and exam-related information please check out our info zone. Here is the direct link:

Hope this answered your query. Have a nice day!

  • 9 Apr

Are the other courses in SCMHRD worth taking or does the college only specialize in HR?

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