What is the difference between Inference and Summary in a passage?

  • 12 Apr

For a long time I thought summary and inference are the same things. But apparently they are different questions. Can someone tell me a how to differentiate between them?

Mark Sheldon  (14)
  • 13 Apr

Hey Taneesha,

In the context of Verbal Ability, Summary questions occur in CAT. We have to summarise a paragraph into one sentence. This is like finding the crux or the essence of the paragraph. So you just need to identify the key points in the given paragraph. In fact, one of the common errors in solving CAT Summary questions can be choosing an option that is an Inference instead of Summary.

An Inference is a conclusion that we draw based on the paragraph. This would be new information (not given in the paragraph), but it can be deduced or concluded based on the information given. This comes up in XAT and NMAT LR. RCs can also have Inferential questions.

Another thing that you should understand is Assumption. An assumption is something which is also implicit (not directly mentioned), but necessarily true for the information in the paragraph to be true.

The Summary lesson in Mockat is available for free right now, and you can check it out (https://mockat.com/lesson/category/summary/). Please note that this lesson is currently free and may not be free later, as we keep updating the free material on the website.

Hope this answered your query. All the best for your prep!!

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