CAT – Exam Details Sep 25, 2021
This year's CAT convenor, IIM Ahmedabad, has shared details of the CAT paper. This year's exam will continue to have 3 sections for 40 minutes each, totalling to 2 hours (PWD candidates get 13 minutes and 20 seconds extra for each section). We will also continue to have 3 shifts this year. This practice was introduced last year owing to the pandemic and the necessity to have socially distanced seating.

The number of questions are to decrease this year. This is mentioned by IIMA in the IIM A convenor, Mr MP Ram Mohan, also mentioned this in an interview to the Times of India, stating that the number of questions will be decreased as there might have been time pressure last year. He adds that the CAT committee did not receive any complaint on timing, but want candidates to get adequate time to complete the exam.

CAT 2020 had 26 questions in VARC, 24 in DILR and 26 in QA, with a total of 76 questions. It is expected that the number of questions would be in the range of 60-70 this year, since the reduction in the number of questions has been specifically announced.

Please refer to CAT 2021 Media Release 24 September 2021 for more details. The interview is available on Times of India
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